Create a New Page

When you'd like to create a new page, be sure you enter it into the correct category. Categories are how pages are kept grouped in the wiki, so that they are easier to find.

It's as easy as typing the name of the category (see: list of categories), then typing the colon symbol ' : ', and then the desired name of your page.

Example; if one wanted to create a page about the city of Yuno, this page would belong in the "cities" category. To place a page into a category, it would be typed into the New Article module as cities:yuno

For more information or help, see: Contributing.

New Character Profile

We've made this easier on you by putting some useful modules that will automatically categorise your new page for you. All you have to do is fill in the title of the page and the information.

Just type in the name of your character to create his/her page. Remember to use all lowercase, and only use letters, numbers, and - (dashes). No spaces, periods or other symbols should be used.

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