500 years

Physical Appearance:
The Wyverians are a humonoid like species, looking very much like an average Vanir despite some very key features. The species has certain traits making them easy to spot within a crowd, at close some scales are seen upon the skin of the human like form, their eyes are of a animalistic type, and their wyverian wings are able to unfold, allowing for flight. They stand normally about 5’10 and the scales upon their skin can vary in colour. The wings of a wyverian, while powerful enough to carry themselves, cannot support any other adult being weighing over 80 pounds.

Wyverians have no other races amongst themselves, mainly originating from a singular home and tending to refrain from breeding amongst others due to pride or inability.

The wyverian species in general is rather gifted with the fire magic naturally, though some more so than others depending on the individual. Using their wings, wyverians can take to the skies and become a much larger threat as such, with aerial assaults a possibility it gives the wyverians another means of attack in any battle plan. The wings do however get tired over time, so one cannot travel around the world in a single flight; they must take rests after a decent amount of time.

The wyverians are a species of honour and tradition. They live with great knowledge of what has occurred through the worlds past and while not all carry the knowledge of their elders, many know of various tales regarding legends, and myths. While some of these may seem real, it has yet to be determined whether or not these tales are actually based upon fact, or if the information may have been skewed over the generations. They are also quite proud as a species, and this tends to show within conversation. A wyverian will gladly dismiss the opinion of another if it begins to conflict with its own, their pride having priority over all. This does reflect in their combative lifestyle as well, to lose is to feel the shame of dishonor, to claim victory is to secure the honour you’ve been given as a wyverian.

Wyverians are usually selective, by nature they are selective, and while each has their own taste, they will stick to that specific taste. Marriage with a Wyverian means that you have now taken responsibility to the others honour as well. Because of this some Wyverians, while in love, do not marry out of the dishonor it may bring. Since Wyverians have a great amount of time on the planet in their life, they do not reproduce often. Family and love however strives very strong amongst their people, as if to them their family is a precious jewel which they must protect and keep sacred.

Wyverians call the isles near Moscovia home, a very modern set of architectural designs in their housing can be seen, much like the Vanir. However, due to their pride and honour in regards to their territory, it should be mentioned that at times, the Wyverian and Undine people do not always see eye to eye. The Undine always encouraging the ideal of sharing the lands and waters they both occupy, but the Wyverian seeing much of the waters surrounding their islands as their own. This has in the past, led to conflict and some rumour if the two do not work together soon, that It may occur again.

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