Lifespan: 70 to 100 years (varies depending on health)

Vanirs are a species of people with no genetic affiliations whatsoever with any other living organism. They are a unique in the sense that they appear to be the “base species” of all other sentient people on Viridyan.1

Physical appearance

Vanirs are the most diverse species known. Their hair and eyes come in any colour one can imagine, and their height can vary from 4.5 feet (137 cm) to 6.5 feet (198 cm), with males being taller than females. Skin tone can vary from pale-white, to rosy-cream, to tan, to almost black — and everything in between. Vanirs do not have natural defenses like most other species; rather, they are gifted with utilizing tools to make their lives easier.

Races of Vanirs

There are three different races of vanirs known, but it is not uncommon to see vanirs of mixed-race. Vanirs are known to regard one another in several regions with prejudice based upon race. They have even fought their own kind in racial disputes; though this mentality of segregation varies from person to person.

  • Morynian-Vanirs

Morynian-Vanirs are pale-skinned and light-haired, with jewel-coloured eyes. They are taller than other races of vanirs, and are rumoured to have originated from the northern region of the continent.

  • Shaylese-Vanirs

Shaylese-Vanirs have fair skin that tans easily, hair varying in shade/tint, and eyes that are brown, hazel, or golden. They are shorter than most other vanir races. It is said that they originated from the temperate forests and grasslands in the middle of the continent.

  • Delacian-Vanirs

Much like the Delacian-Anubians, these vanirs have black or dark brown hair, dark or tanned skin, and brown or black eyes. Their height is averaged somewhere between that of Shaylese- and Morynian-Vanirs’. It is said that this race has originated from the southern deserts upon the continent.


Vanirs are commonly scoffed at by others for not having any sort of apparent skill or natural ability that runs throughout their species. However, vanirs have a certain psychological advantage over other species: their short life span, their body size, and instinctual problem-solving, coupled with their age-old technique of making and using tools to compensate for their lack of claws, fangs or other such appendages have rendered vanirs as the most scientifically advanced species on Viridyan.

Thus, vanirs have created a number of technological breakthroughs in astoundingly short amounts of time. Weapons, transportation, medicine, and other such things are all progressing in the hands of the vanir every day. While other species have the claws and specific magical abilities they are born with, vanirs have guns, explosives, steam-power, airships, and more to aid them.


Perseverance and hard work is the most prominent aspect of a vanir’s life, no matter what their individual goals may be. Throughout vanirian societies everywhere, personal growth and growth for the species as a whole is accomplished through constant diligence; this may be to compensate for their lack of the natural abilities found in other species.

They are also a very social species; it is rare to find vanirs who will choose to truly live an entire life of solitude. Vanirs value family, friendship, trust and love as the greatest gifts life can offer to them; these ideals radically affect a vanir’s emotional and mental state. Many catastrophes and miracles alike have come from vanirs working together toward similar goals influenced by their fluctuating psychological conditions.


Vanirs are very particular about their mates. Many find that one of their most important long-term goals is to find a mate who understands and loves them unconditionally. Loyalty is a given; lack of loyalty in a relationship will usually alter the self-esteem and mentality of a vanir in a way that they will never forget.

With this being said, most vanirs prefer to pick a mate for life. Vanirian families commonly have anywhere from 1 to 4 children. Children are treated as fragile, innocent beings who must be nurtured and treated with care, regardless of their physical state; disabled or weak children are valued as much as healthy ones.


Though found all over the continent, the Republic of Schwartzvald is where most vanirs can be found residing; it is also the best example of the vanirian habitat. Paved streets, tall buildings, factories, country farms, libraries, and other such facilities are built to be structurally sound and easily accessible to citizens. Vanirs live in homes made with various materials and insulation; this is because a vanir’s home should be their place of comfort, with regulated temperatures, multiple rooms, furniture, and various assorted collectible knick-knacks that all contribute to the contentment of the vanir(s) who reside there. Of course, vanirian homes reflect the state of income that the owner has. They are creatures of comfort, and will go all-out with their homes if it is within their budget.

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