Lifespan: 80 to 200 years (varies depending on plant type)

Dryads are a species of plant-people. Each dryad shares its DNA with a specific genus and species of plant (trees, cacti, flowers, shrubs, etc are plants; mushrooms and other fungi are not). They are known as peaceful people who have developed their culture and way of life throughout history without doing so at the expense of nature or any other species. Dryads are revered by some to be the perfect unity of nature and sentient life.

Physical appearance

Dryads come in all shapes and forms, varying in height, weight, and hair, eye & skin colour. However, one thing that all dryads have in common are their vaulted ears, and the light, wood-grain pattern upon their skin. They also tend to have flowers, leaves, branches, or other flora sprouting off of them; this tends to follow a seasonal pattern in some, while in others, these growths are permanent.

However, the most prominent aspect of a dryad is its ability to transform into the type of plant that it was born as; this is referred to as a dryad’s “plant form” or “botanical form.” While in their botanical form, dryads are incapable of movement (besides waving branches and leaves around) since they are rooted to the ground and possess no appendages that can move them.

Races of Dryads

Since each dryad is a specific type of plant, their plant-type dictates their appearance while in both their normal and plan form. Every different plant-type is considered a race of dryad; hence, there are as many races of dryads as there are plants. Since there are many plants yet to be discovered in Viridyan, there are also many races of dryads unknown as well. Dryads treat each other, regardless of race, with equal respect. They are not known to be prejudiced over physical appearances.


As mentioned prior, dryads possess the ability to transform into whatever type of plant they were born as; though they unable to move in their plant form. Dryads also have a natural affiliation toward earth magic and druidic magic.


Dryads are peace-loving people who support pacifism. Many dryads are against meaningless destruction of life, whether it be people or nature. However, they can be fierce protectors when needed, earning dryadic warriors the title of “guardians of the forest.”

Dryads are rarely unhappy to see others of their species, or any species, for that matter. Though their peaceful way of life, calm demeanour and wizened, positive outlook causes them to seem strange to non-dryadic species, dryads are usually very sociable and friendly

They sustain themselves from nutrients in the soil, clean water, and sunlight; however, this is not enough. Their bodies are very advanced internally, being capable of absorbing nutrients through their roots and through photosynthesis, but these methods can only nourish their bodies so much. Dryads must also eat food the same way other species do, with the exception of meat; they cannot digest it.


Dryads mate for life, holding love and respect for their spouse and families with dire importance; like the vanirs, dryads revere the love between a couple, as well as the love between parents and children, as the greatest gift life can bestow upon them. Dryads are one of the few species who encourage inter-species relationships.

The method in which a dryad produces offspring can be one of two ways; sexually or asexually. With sexual reproduction, a male and female dryad will reproduce in the exact same manner as vanirs do, with a pregnancy lasting one month.

With asexual reproduction, a dryad must wait until the end of their life to reproduce. Dryads who have been unsuccessful in finding a mate will choose this method. When they know that their life is at the end of its term, the dryad will drop a seed or spore that will germinate in the soil and begin growth next spring. This offspring will continue to grow for a few years, until it is capable of changing into a dryad child. The child will look identical to the parent.


Dryads are found anywhere on Viridyan where plants can thrive. Large communities of dryads living together can be found in forests, especially tropical jungles. Dryads use wood, stone and mortar to create temples and buildings; contrary to popular belief, dryads have absolutely no qualms with using wood or other natural resources that were once living, as long as they are not wasted. However, dryads are perfectly comfortable living outside with the sky as their roof. This is preferable for many dryads anyway, since rain cannot reach them if they are indoors.

In-Game Items

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-Vaulted Ears

Only one of these per dryad character:
-Red Flower Changer
-Orange Flower Changer
-Yellow Flower Changer
-Blue Flower Changer
-Purple Flower Changer
-White Flower Changer
-Quirky Tree Changer
-Stubby Tree Changer
-Sturdy Tree Changer
-Maneating Flower Changer
-Mandragora Changer
-Cactus Changer
-Flytrap Changer
-Shrub Changer

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