Lifespan: 50 years

The brownees are a species of tiny, winged people. They are known for being enigmatic yet helpful people. There are several folk legends about the brownees, all varying in truth. No one is quite certain where they came from, not even the brownees themselves. It is said that a brownee’s favourite place is in the home of a kind person who needs help with their daily household chores.

Physical appearance

The average height for a brownee is around 1.5 feet (46 cm) for adult males and 1.2 feet (37 cm) for females. They have fair skin that varies in shades & tints from person to person. From their shoulder blades sprout small, flexible feathered wings that are always a dominant hue of brown. Brownees also have vaulted ears. Their hair and eye colour is commonly brown, golden, black or red.

Races of Brownees

There are no known races of brownees.


Brownees possess the capability of flight. They are also known to be naturally skilled than any other species in magics used for illusionary and levitation purposes. Being so tiny and capable of flight has enabled brownees to be extremely quick while in the air; on foot, however, they are not nearly as agile whatsoever.


Brownees are a species that hold the “golden rule of respect” (“treat others how you wish to be treated”) in high regards. It can be said that upsetting a brownee will ignite their hidden temper. They are known to be kind at heart and extremely hard, diligent workers. Most brownees are quite modest and refrain from portraying themselves in a flashy or attention-seeking manner. They have a preference for security and comfortable living over adventuring and danger, but every individual is different.


Since brownees usually live in the homes of others, they are almost never found living in same-species groups or pairs. In fact, it is an uncommon event for a brownee to meet another of its kind; this may contribute to the fact that they are seen less than any other species on the continent. However, if the chance arises, the majority of brownees will choose a partner for life. A female brownee is capable of having no more than two children in her lifetime, since their naturally small bodies have a more rudimentary visceral system than that of larger species. Birthing any more than two offspring will inevitably lead to the death of the mother.


No one is sure just where the brownees originated from; thus, they do not have a set area that they inhabit. They can be found all over the continent. Brownees have a tendency to dislike wide, open spaces; they make their homes in the homes of other, larger species. Brownees are not picky about the state of their clothes or furniture, as long as it’s clean and functioning correctly. Owners of the homes they inhabit usually lend them shoe boxes, hand towels, doll furniture and other miscellaneous items in an attempt to make them feel more welcome; such acts of kindness are known to delight a brownee and prolong its stay.

In-Game Items

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-Brownee Wings
-Vaulted Ears

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