Lifespan: 120 years

Anubians are a fierce species of jackal-people. The glory of battle has run in their history for as far back as records show. Anubians are prominently found in Sograt, where they have ruled and defended the empire for thousands of years. Ancient ruins in Sograt bear proof of being built by the indigenous anubians of eras long in the past.

Physical appearance

The average height for an anubian is around 6.5 feet (198 cm) for adult males and 5.9 feet (175 cm) for females. They have tanned skin from thousands of years of evolution under the hot desert sun. All anubians sport a pair of jackal-like ears upon their head and a sleek, curved jackal tail that grows from their tailbone; both are covered in fur that varies in shades between brown and black. They also have formidably strong fingernails.

Races of Anubians

Not all anubians look alike in their species-specific features. There are a couple of races of anubians from evolution running its course slightly differently in this species. However, as with many species, the slight difference in appearance tends to cause prejudiced struggles between these two races; though, they can put aside such grudges without another word in times when they must band together to obtain victory.

  • Delacian-Anubian
    • These anubians typically have black or dark brown hair, and dark eyes; however, there is a small percentage of Delacian-Anubians with bright, jewel-coloured eyes and lighter hair. Their bodies are mostly hairless and their features resemble that of a vanir’s more than a jackal’s.
  • Enthanian-Anubian
    • These anubians have more jackal-esque features, such as a snout-like mouth and nose, larger ears, and padded feet/hands (much in the same way that paws have pads). Their bodies have dark fur all over; all Enthanian-Anubians grow hair & fur in black or dark brown, and have dark-coloured eyes.


Anubians are known for their fierce fighting spirit, courage, and strength. Throughout the ages the anubians have proved that no matter the number of warriors in their army, they will persevere over the foe. With their tough nails that can naturally grow into claws, lean and muscular bodies made for delivering blow after blow to the enemy, and piercing jackal-scream war cry, anubians have a reputation as merciless, powerful warriors; however, they are not very quick nor agile. They have no natural affiliation for magic as a whole, as it varies from person to person.


Many anubians prefer to live a much simpler life in comparison to other species. They have kept to their roots as the indigenous people of Sograt, and value honour and valour above education and the arts. Many young anubians of both genders and races await the day they come of age (25 years old) so that they may serve in the military; anubian forces are some of the most elite warriors on the continent with their laconic ways and devotion to their country and gods. It can be said that they are very battle-oriented, quick-tempered people who prefer to speak with their blades rather than their words.


Anubians are usually not picky about their mates. They will mate for life if married, but since it is not unusual for one of the spouses to perish in battle, re-marrying is common. Couples try to bear as many children as they can; the stronger, the better. Weak or disabled infants usually perish before adulthood. Love and family life is valued by anubians, but is seen as secondary in comparison to honour and strength to serve the country and gods.


Most anubians, of both races, are found in the country of Sograt; a desert empire. Since their bodies are able to withstand long fights and going without sustenance for extensive periods of time (up to two months), the harsh desert climate is seen as a comfortable home for this species. They build cities and temples from hard stone and mortar, just as they always have; wood is not often used as a building material. It is not impossible for an anubian to survive outside of the desert, but of all the species, they are the most knowledgeable on how to survive easily.

In-Game Items

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-Jackal Ears
-Jackal Tail

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