Auto-Connecting in Mibbit

Mibbit is a useful web client for IRC. You can set custom emoticons, upload images to their webserver, watch Youtube clips in the side panel so you don't miss the chat while you watch, and many other things.

This article will explain how you can connect to mibbit by simply typing in into your URL bar.
Firefox recommended

Register on Mibbit

Register on Mibbit's website at This won't be the username you use in the IRC with us, it's just what you use to log into the site. There's no email confirmation or long pages of info to fill out.

Auto-Connecting to the IRC Server

Once you're logged in, click on Account at the top. Enter as the server. Then, enter nick-name you wish to use in the IRC with us, and put a password you will remember. Click add, and then be sure you hit Save and close.

Auto-Connecting to the Channel

Now click on Channels at the top. Enter as the server, #viridyan as the channel, and make sure you have Auto-connect checked. Click add, and then be sure you hit Save and close.

Registering Your Nickname

The only thing left now is to register your nickname on the channel. This is for security reasons, and so no one else on this IRC server can use your nickname. Once connected to the the #viridyan channel, type into the chat area:

/msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL

When you type your password, make sure it's the same one you entered in the Account area! This is extremely important!

Extra Information

Hate the graphic emoticons? Click on Prefs at the top, and then click on Smileys. Click the little red x to the right of all of the smileys, until they have all disappeared. Click Save and exit. There you go, no more smileys.

Now, if you are using Firefox and have cookies and saved passwords enabled, all you'll have to do to log onto the IRC is go to

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