IRC is an acronym for internet relay chat. It is a simplistic yet powerful online chat service. There are many different IRC servers, each with hundreds of channels. A channel is the "chat room" that users can join to communicate with each other. Viridyan has their own IRC channel that anyone who is a member is free to join.

Connection Information

IRC server
Channel #viridyan

Why Join the IRC?

Joining the IRC channel is a great way to familiarize yourself with the community and get quick, helpful answers to Viridyan-related topics, technical issues, or even unrelated questions. Our staff, moderators and players are friendly, outgoing and always willing to offer assistance to new and not-so-new players alike.

We do not ignore people for any reason whatsoever; you will receive a prompt, courteous and practical response on any occasion… except if everyone is asleep, of course! In that situation, it's a good idea to utilize the PM system available here on the wiki.

The administrators are hiring more moderators for the IRC as they go along: the goal is to have at least one or more OPs available at all times. OP is given to people who have proven that they are responsible enough to handle giving judgement and useful answers to others. There is no application to fill out to be an OP; just do your best and you may be asked to be an OP out of the blue!

Joining the IRC is not required to play ViridyanRO, but you'll never get to meet the faces behind the characters you role play with daily if you don't give our IRC a try! It's a great way to make friends on the server; making friends on the server means better plot and story cooperation and planning — which is fun for everyone!


A client is used to connect to IRC servers and channels. The majority of people at Viridyan either use Mibbit or mIRC.


Mibbit is a browser-based client that requires no download or installation to use. It offers many features such as a Pastebin, file-upload manager, customisable font colour, and many other tools.

  • Connecting with Mibbit
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  1. Go to
  2. Click on the drop-down list by "IRC"
  3. Choose Mibbit [webirc]
  4. Enter #viridyan for the channel
  5. Enter your desired nickname

If you don't want to go through this process every time you use Mibbit, see: Auto-Connecting in Mibbit.


mIRC is a very simple, no-frills IRC client that is highly customisable with the use of scripts and other settings. It is preferred by many IRC users for its reliability.

  • Connecting with mIRC
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  1. Download the latest version at
  2. Install the program according to its step-by-step installation
  3. Click Options, then Servers in the left-hand side panel
  4. Click the Add button
  5. Enter the information as shown in the image:
  6. After you've configured those settings, click the Connect button in the upper left corner
  7. A window will appear with a bunch of words scrolling by. Type /j #viridyan into the bottom chat area of that window

Rules of #viridyan

By entering and using Viridyan's IRC channel, you agree to abide by these rules. You agree to mind the authority of the OPs and respect their requests, and accept any punishment you are given based upon the judgement of the OPs.

  • Flaming, disrespectful and/or disruptive arguments and/or disrespectfully presented opinions are to be kept to PMs. Use common sense. If what you are saying is deemed as disrespectful or disruptive by a staff member, you are obligated to cease your behaviour or accept a consequential punishment.
  • Do not post pornographic material. Any suggestive material (artistic nudity or general NSFW ("not safe for work")) is to only be posted if the user presents a warning label beforehand, ie: "Sage: Warning, NSFW:" Use common sense in what is appropriate and what is not. If an image is judged inappropriate by the staff, you will be obligated to face the consequences.
  • Do not be overly obscene in the channel. We are usually pretty lenient about this until it becomes a problem. If someone states that they are bothered by your discussion, use courtesy and continue your discussion in a PM or another channel. If a staff member asks you to cease using obscene language, you are required to mind their request.
  • This channel's main language is English. We ask that you please refrain from holding discussions with others in any other language except English. Demonstrating a few words or phrases in another language is fine. Use your common sense; if a staff member says you are carrying on too much of a discussion in another language that is not English, you are obliged to comply with their request.

All of the content being presented by anyone in the IRC channel, whether it be in words or graphics, is subject to the judgement by the OPs. Failure to comply with the staff's requests will result in a punishment seen fit by the staff (kick, mute, temporary ban, permanent ban).

IRC Commands (that you will inevitably need to use)

These are commands that every person can use, regardless of OP status.

Command What it does Example
/nick NICKNAME Changes your nickname to whatever you input after /nick /nick Sage|AFK
/away MESSAGE Sets you as being away. You don't have to put a message after /away, but you can if you like /away Mowing the lawn
/back Sets you as "back"; returning from being /away. You don't have the option of putting a message with /back /back
/j CHANNEL Connects you to whatever CHANNEL you input. Channels start with the # symbol /j #viridyan
/msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL Registers your nickname so others cannot use it /msg nickserv register blah385 moc.liamwoem|egas#moc.liamwoem|egas
/msg nickserv identify PASSWORD Logs you into your nickname; replace PASSWORD with yours /msg nickserv identify blah385
/ns ghost NICK PASSWORD Disconnects your registered NICK if it seems to still be connected to the IRC (server or channel) /ns ghost Sage blah385
/me Makes your text appear as an emoted action /me dances across the floor
/query NICKNAME MESSAGE Sends a private message to whomever NICKNAME is. MESSAGE is where you type your first PM message; afterwards, a separate PM window will appear /query Atlus Hey Atlus you are a silly doof!
/ignore NICKNAME Ignores public and private messages sent by whomever NICKNAME is /ignore Atlus
/unignore NICKNAME Turns off the ignore feature for whomever NICKNAME is /unignore Atlus
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